The US DOHaD Society, an affiliate of the International DOHaD Society was formally incorporated in January 2017. The Society aims to promote studies on developmental exposures to diverse environmental factors (nutrition, environmental toxicants, microbiome, stress, hormones, drugs, alcohol) to improve the health of Americans. At the same time, the Society’s mission is to bring together multidisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary investigators in order to foster interactions and collaboration on these diverse topics. This indeed represents a unique integrated model which no other Society offers. Of equal importance, is to provide a forum for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior investigators to facilitate interaction, training, and career opportunities.

The Society’s specific objectives are:

  1. To promote coordination of a research strategy in the United States, for the scientific exploration of early human development concerning chronic disease in later life.
  2. To provide a forum for multidisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary interaction for investigators.
  3. To offer the unique opportunity of integration of effects of nutrition, environmental toxicology, stress, microbiome, drugs, and hormones.
  4. To foster regular meetings to discuss research findings, novel concepts, and potential intervention.
  5. To encourage the development and application of public health strategies to prevent chronic disease.
  6. To promote the interchange of ideas, staff, and expertise between laboratories within the US.
  7. To champion training opportunities for scientists and clinicians.
  8. Discuss the critical research gaps and pioneering directions that merit further pursuit.
  9. To advocate for the need for funds from governmental and non-governmental sources for research in the developmental origins of health and disease.
  10. To make representations to government, NGOs, and other relevant agencies concerning the health implications of DOHaD.